About Trine Hedegaard

Since 2000, my heart has beaten for yoga. It all started when I took my first yoga class during a 6-month trainee-ship in New York City. A flirtation that became a life passion. 

Today I am an internationally certified yoga and meditation teacher specializing in yoga for women. I have studied with world-renowned master teachers such as Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, Erich Schiffmann and others and I have over 1000 hours of yoga training. I continue my studies and several times a year I travel abroad to study with yoga masters.

My interest in pregnancy yoga began when I became pregnant with my first child. I was happy to be pregnant, but uncertain about giving birth - and I found tranquillity and strength in yoga, which I had already been practising for a number of years. The effect was evident both during the pregnancy and, especially, while giving birth.

Later I trained as a yoga instructor and travelled the world to study with internationally acclaimed teachers specialising in pregnancy yoga, yoga for giving birth and post-natal yoga. Now I've qualified as a registered Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Trainer with YogaAlliance.

Today, I run the Yogini Yoga  Studio in the heart of Copenhagen specialising in yoga for people like you with a baby in mind, a baby inside or a baby in arms. 

It fascinates me still, how much transformation simple yoga techniques can create - physically, mentally and emotionally. I experience this daily in my own yoga practice and in the women I teach.

Happy motherhood,

Trine Hedegaard